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Should 9 to 5 Repair Your Sony Tape Drive

Sony Tape Drive repair, New, used refurbished, AIT

We can provide flat rate  SONY TAPE DRIVE REPAIR options with a typical turn-around of 3-5 business days.
All repairs come with a minimum 6 month back to depot warranty—we do offer warranty extensions to 12, 24, and 36 month increments.

fast repair of tape drives and all tape appliances


Sony 102000-PX IOMEGA DITTO 2GB (102000PX)

Sony 4-661-543-02 Ait2 Autoloader

Sony CMO-R540 External 2.6GB Optical (CMOR540)

Sony DG5CL 4mm Cleaning Tapes (DG5CL)

Sony DGDD125P DDS3 Media (DGDD125P)

Sony DL4TK88 DLT 40-80GB Tape IV Media CCartridge TK88

Sony LIB-162-A2 Ait2 Autoloader

Sony RMO-S551 5.2GB External SCSI Optical (RMOS551)


Sony SDLT1320 SDLT1 160-320GB or 110-220GB S-DLT Tape Cartridge Media

Sony SDT-10000 4mm DDS4 20-40GB Int. SCSI (SDT10000)

Sony SDT-1020 4mm Dat internal SCSI (SDT1020)

Sony SDT-11000 4mm DDS4 20-40GB Int. LVD (SDT11000)

Sony SDT-11000 4mm DDS4 20-40GB Int. LVD (SDT11000)

Sony SDT-2000E DDS1 2GB Int. SCSI Dat (SDT2000E)

Sony SDT-2601 4mm DDS2 Dat 4-8GB SCSI (SDT2601)

Sony SDT-4000 DDS 4mm 2-4GB Internal SCSI (SDT4000)

Sony SDT-5000 4mm DDS2 4-8GB Internal SCSI (SDT5000)

Sony SDT-5010 4-8GB 4mm 5.25 SCSI DAT Tape (SDT5010)

Sony SDT-5200 4mm DDS2 4-8GB Internal SCSI 5.25 (SDT5200)

Sony SDT-7000 4mm DDS2 4-8GB Int. SCSI (SDT7000)

Sony SDT-7000 4mm DDS2 4-8GB Int. SE-SCSI

Sony SDT-9000 4mm DDS3 12-24GB Int SE-SCSI (SDT9000-BM)

Sony SDT-9000 4mm DDS3 12-24GB Int. SE-SCSI

Sony SDT-D7000 4-8GB 4mm DDS2 Ext. SCSI (SDTD7000)

Sony SDT-S5100 4mm DDS2 External Tape Backup (SDTS5100)

Sony SDT-S5200 4mm DDS2 External Backup

Sony SDT-S7000 4mm DDS2 Ext. SCSI

Sony SDT-S9000 4mm 12-24GB DDS3 Ext. SCSI (SDTS9000)

Sony SDT-S9000 4mm DDS3 12-24GB Ext. New Retail (SDTS9000)

Sony SDX-300C AIT 25-50GB Internal SCSI (SDX300C)

Sony SDX-310CL AIT 25-50GB SCSI-DIFF.Loader Ready (SDX310CL)

Sony SDX-400C 35-90GB AIT SE LVD-SCSI 68 PIN Int. (SDX400C-BM)

Sony SDX-500C Compaq AIT2 50-100GB Int. LVD (SDX500C)

Sony SDX-500CL AIT2 50-100GB Loader Ready LVD (SDX500CL)

Sony SDX-510CL AIT2 50-100GB Loader Ready HVD (SDX510CL or SDX-510C)

Sony SDX-700C AIT3 100-260GB Internal SCSI-LVD

Sony SDX-700C AIT3 Tape Drive 100-260GB SCSI-LVD Int. (SDX700C-BM)


Sony SDX-D500C 50-100GB AIT-2 SCSI-LVD External (SDXD500C)

Sony SDX-D700C AIT3 100-260GB External LVD

Sony SDX-S300C AIT1 35-70GB External LVD

Sony SDX-S300C SDXS300C 25-50GB 8mm External (SDXS300C)

Sony SDX-S500C AIT2 50-100GB External SCSI (SDXS500C)


Sony SDX3-100C SDX3100C SDX3100C AIT 3 Tape Cartridge (SDX3100C)

Sony SMO-D501-21 INT. SCSI F-H 5.25 650MB (SMOD50121)

Sony SMO-E301 128mb Optical Drive

Sony SMO-F541 5.25 IN. H-H 2.6GB STDFIRMWARE (SMOF541)

Sony SMO-F541-01 2.6GB HHT Optical Drive HP FIRMWARE (SMOF54101)