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 HP Ultrium 230 Tape Drive  
HP StorageWorks ultrium 230 tape drive for ProLiant
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HP Ultrium 230 Tape Drive

  Business Value

High-performance 100 GB tape drive with unmatched reliability and ease of use. Capable of backing up over 54 GB/hr, this tape drive provides 100 GB native capacity on a single data cartridge. Reliability and design allows for a new level of data protection.


The HP StorageWorks Ultrium 230 tape drive is the high-performance, first-generation superdrive in the HP Ultrium family. The Ultrium 230 offers excellent capacity, superior performance and exceptional reliability. An ideal solution for high-end network server backup where speed, capacity and reliability are critical, the Ultrium 230 stores 200 GB of compressed data on a single tape at speeds of up to 30 MB/sec, backing up 108 GB per hour.

With ultimate reliability and ease of use in mind, the rugged design builds on superior LTO technology and adds advanced features to create a new level of data protection. The drive uses data rate matching to adjust to the speed of the host, reducing wear and tear on both drive and media and increasing performance. Support for HP One-Button Disaster Recovery provides the easiest way to restore data in the event of a disaster. If data is critical to your business, protect it with the Ultrium 230.

key features & benefits

•  fast: minimizes network interruption by storing up to 108 GB of data per hour
•  dependable: sets new standards for data integrity and state-of-the-art reliability
•  high-capacity: stores up to 200 GB on a single cartridge
•  easy: supports OBDR, simply the easiest way to restore data in the event of a disaster
•  manageable: includes superior management capability that makes it easy to install, use and support
•  well-connected: compatible with leading operating systems, backup software and servers
•  future proof: delivers a compelling technology roadmap, doubling speed & capacity each generation
•  open: based on LTO technology, which delivers the competitive benefits of an open format
•  affordable: high capacity combined with low media cost delivers an exceptionally low cost of ownership
  HP 230 LTO Ultrium Models Part Number 
Ultrium 230 for ProLiant, Internal (carbon)
note: For HP ProLiant and Alphaservers. Q1515A 
Ultrium 230 for ProLiant, External (carbon)
note: For HP ProLiant and Alphaservers. Q1516A 
Ultrium 230, Internal (flint grey)
note: For HP-UX and third-party servers. C7400A 
Ultrium 230, External (flint grey)
note: For HP-UX and third-party servers. C7401B 
Ultrium 230, Array Module (flint grey)
note: For HP-UX and third-party servers. C7470A 
Ultrium 230 Array Module, Factory-racked (flint grey)
note: For HP-UX and third-party servers. C7470A#0D1